10 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas That Special Someone Will Never Forget

Organizing a special birthday party for someone doesn’t have to mean the traditional cake-cutting and dancing. There are lots of great ideas you can consider if you want to create fun memories in the lives of that special person.

Make a Booking or Get Them Tickets to a Music Concert

That special person has a favorite music star or band they enjoy, why not get them music concert tickets to the musician’s performance and the special person will cherish that forever. Music invokes strong emotions in everyone, they rejuvenate the mind and body and bring back those fun memories. Make their birthday unforgettable by booking tickets to such music concerts. You can learn more about awesome birthday party ideas on this store.

Take them to a Classy Wine Tasting Night

Taking your special person for an evening of wine tasting is one pleasurable way of enjoying different flavors. This is one of the most awesome birthday party ideas if you are on a budget. In addition to wine tasting, there are numerous guide books you will find at wine-tasting events where you can learn about wines from different countries.

Organize a Sky Diving Adventure

Sky Diving is an amazing adventure of a lifetime. It may be scary on your first attempt but it becomes pretty fun thereafter. Make their birthday an absolutely terrific one, especially if the special person has never sky-dived before. There is no adventure sport that is as thrilling as sky-diving, it creates fun memories that will never be forgotten.

Spend the Night Out Camping and Hiking

Another awesome way to create fun birthday memories is to organize a hiking trip and a night of camping. Start with a hiking trip before retiring to a night of campfire with great wine and delicious meal. You can add lots of music, dancing, and even outdoor games to make it more awesome. Hiking and camping is an amazing opportunity to reconnect with that special person in your life.

Organize a Blackout Sleepover

The Blackout Sleepover idea may seem to be boring in the beginning but you will quickly discover how fun it is. If your awesome special person prefers a personal experience without the usual booze, dancing and loud music, then a blackout sleepover will create an awesome experience. Simply turn off all electrical appliances and the light, then bring the dark space alive with lighted candles. Arrange some blankets, pillows and remove all furniture out of the way to prevent guests from tripping over.
You can arrange the beddings to form a circle and then enjoy some creepy games while conversing with some light drinks and snacks. This is a simple, yet glamorous way of celebrating the birthday of a special person.

Make Bookings for a Seaside Villa

Everyone does have the dream of having a lavish birthday party at some point, and if you can afford the finances, you should consider booking a villa and inviting the special person in your life. You can invite the person’s close friend to enjoy the beautiful scenery with some seaside foods and drinks to enjoy. Having an outdoor party on the seaside without intrusion from strangers is awesome.

Spend the Day at Old Age Home or Homeless Shelter

Giving back to society is perhaps one of the greatest fulfilments of one’s lifetime. If your loved one or that special person loves giving, you may want to buy lots of gifts such as toys and food for people being housed in shelters and those in the aged people’s homes. One of the greatest birthday gifts you can get is to be kind to others on your birthday, it brings fond memories and sense of accomplishments.

Organize a Naturist Birthday

If that special person is a naturist, it will be a great pleasure for them to organize a surprise party at a beautiful scenic location surrounded by nature. It will be much more fun when close friends of the celebrants are invited to such beautiful scenery. It could be in the middle of a quiet stream, unexplored garden and even in the mountains, as long as there is no interference from the outside world.

Organize an Open-bus Road Trip

Birthday celebrations on an open bus road trip are quite uncommon. If you know the special person in your life enjoys traveling, it will make some sense to organize an open bus trip in a town or city he or she has never travel to.  They will surely want to take pictures and even stop over to wine and dine. A road trip birthday celebration is worth trying, especially for long-distance travel lovers.

Go on A Cruise

Depending on your destination, you can spend between a few hours and a day on a Cruise to Another country, just to celebrate your birthday. There are cruise ships with lots of convenient and cozy places to celebrate birthdays on board. You may take your own food and drinks or pay for a package including the meals and drinks. Whichever way you want it, organizing a cruise ship party for a special person will create lasting fun memories.

In conclusion, there are lots of other awesome birthday tips and ideas, you can think of, but it pays to understand the hobbies of that special person, doing this will ensure that you don’t go overboard when trying to satisfy them. If you don’t know much about the person, you may want to do some research by asking from their friends, and colleagues, what exactly they enjoy doing most or what they fantasize about.

Based on information gathered, you can now decide on the most suitable birthday activities to “wow” them. You don’t have to spend too much to create that awesome birthday for those special people in your life, it only takes a bit of creativity and planning. With the suggestions highlighted here, you will surely find the most suitable birthday activity that will suit the need and fantasy of your loved ones.

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