7 Common Shopping Mistakes Men Can Easily Avoid

Shopping doesn’t come easy to everyone. Men, in particular, are not known to spend a great deal of time in the stores looking for that perfect outfit or accessory. With the advent of online shopping, it’s become even easier for male shoppers to avoid going out to buy stuff when they can get everything delivered at their doorstep.
Whether you’re an online shopper or someone who prefers to buy personal items at brick-and-mortar shops, here are seven mistakes you should avoid when shopping for clothing, shoes or any other accessory for yourself.
Going shopping without a list
Whether you decide to shop online or go to the stores, it’s important to spend some time thinking about and then writing down what you want to buy. Consider what it is that you urgently need or really want to buy. Making a list, however small, will help you focus your time and efforts on finding those items.
If you need many things but haven’t had the time to purchase them, plan your shopping trip in a manner so that you’ll buy the most urgently needed items in the first half, before you get exhausted or lose interest in any more shopping.
Going crazy over brands
It’s good to have good taste, but just chasing brands and not focusing on quality or style is a mistake many men make while shopping for clothes. Instead of blindly following popular labels, pick and choose clothing and accessory brands that you identify with, that you can afford and that offer styles and designs you’d love to flaunt.
Shopping excessively or only at sales
This is really not a great idea if you want to develop a distinct style and own trendy quality pieces that will last you a couple of seasons. More often than not, discount offers and end-of-season sales offer last-season styles, items with minor defects or last pieces with limited choice. When you tend to shop more at the sales, you may end up collecting stuff that you may not really enjoy wearing later.
Compromising on quality for the sake of quantity
Why buy two t-shirts at a low price when you know they would lose their shape or color after a couple of washes. Why not, instead, invest the same amount of money in a single high-quality t-shirt that will last longer, feel good on your skin and suit your individual style. For instance, try to find t-shirts with a tight neck that are worthy of your money and deserving of your choice.
When it comes to spending your hard-earned money on clothing and accessories, develop the habit of valuing quality over quantity—it will save you hundreds of dollars every year and help you create a classy and stylish wardrobe.
Buying only a certain type of outfits
Always wearing casual outfits or always dressing formally can get boring and predictable. Trying different styles and experimenting with your outfits will keep things fresh and leave you feeling good about the way you look. It’s important to keep evolving your style and be open to wearing different types of clothing on different occasions.
Not trying an item before buying
Most men shop fast and in doing so they skip an essential element of shopping—trying an outfit to ensure it fits well and looks good. If you want to avoid the chaos of changing rooms, there are other ways to do it—shop online (you can try an item in the comfort of your home and exchange or return it if it doesn’t fit), visit the stores on weekdays instead of weekends, and avoid the rush hours of late afternoon and early evening.
Try on everything you purchase, from neckties to shirts to shoes and even belts. It doesn’t take all that long but it helps to make the right buying choices.
Buying something that someone else wants you to wear
Whether it’s an item of clothing or an accessory, you should spend your money on something because you want to own it and wear it, and not to please someone or gain their approval.

There will always be times when a loved one or a close friend insists that you try out something new or buy something that they thought was just right for you. Indulge friends and family by all means, but make sure to try on the item before paying for it. If it makes you feel good, go for it and thank the person who suggested it.

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