A Welcoming Atmosphere: 7 Interior Design Hacks to Make Your Home Look Friendlier

There are some homes that just leave you cold when you step inside for the first time and then there are others that manage to draw you in and capture you in a way that you don’t feel inclined to leave.

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is a trick that any savvy interior designer will be able to achieve and it is always a good idea to follow some of these design hacks if you want to make your home look friendlier and more inviting.

Here are some of those top tips to help you give your home a quick and easy makeover that could change the look and feel of the place in an instant.

Set the tone with your entryway

First impressions count for a lot and if your entryway and front door don’t set a tone that is inviting it will make it hard for you to win your visitor over once they are inside your home.

Some simple touches like a handcrafted sign that says “welcome” on it and a vibrant, leafy plant framing your front door are two design tricks that take little very effort but can easily add some instant curb appeal.

Use color to draw your visitor’s eye

Another simple but effective hack is to use color in addition to other interior-design inspired ideas as a way to draw people into space and make them feel like they want to explore further.

What an interior designer will know about the use of color in this way is that the trick is to give your attention to designing the farthest point of view. This means doing something like painting the wall that is directly across from your front door in a striking and vibrant accent color.

Even if you don’t use a brightly colored wall to draw people in you could also use lighting or an art feature to create the same effect.

Create clean lines with your furniture

What you need to think about here is that if your home is small or you have a lot of furniture this could make it harder for guests to navigate their way around these items.

The more obstacles there are and the more navigating that someone has to do to get around your home, the less welcoming it is likely to feel.

You can find some attractive furnishings when you browse ComfySacks.com, or somewhere similar, but what you want to do is arrange this furniture in a way that it doesn’t make your home feel like you are trying to navigate their way around an assault course.

Plants are always a great idea

What's not to like about having plants in your home?

Plants tick a lot of boxes from a design perspective as they breathe some natural life into your space and instantly make a place feel a lot more welcoming with such a natural vibe.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choice of plants as long as you have the space to accommodate some leafy and exotic plants that are a real talking point.

Soft furnishings are a no-brainer

It is no coincidence that interior designers everywhere are great fans of using all sorts of soft furnishings to add some amazing finishing touches to your home.

It might be an obvious suggestion to put forward as soft furnishings are a real no-brainer in all honesty, but it deserves a mention simply because it is a design tactic that is so effective.

If you can find the budget for a plush rug to adorn your wooden floor, that would be a winning combination in terms of creating a friendly and inviting feel to your room. Also, consider the use of floor pillows to add an inspirational touch to your room design.

You could even created your owned framed textiles to use as unique wall art, which is design statement that helps to give the room a softer feel overall.

Beware of straight lines

If your home has too many straight and harsh lines from a design perspective that can work against your efforts to make your home seem more warmer and inviting.

If you have some modern furniture that features these straight lines the trick is to use a design hack in order to break up those straight lines.

Try adding some round rugs or any other round soft furnishings as a way of drawing the eye away from these straight lines and breaking it up.

You will be surprised at the difference it makes to the feel of a room when you manage to successfully soften those straight and harsh lines.

Let there be light

There is also a natural solution to making your home feel more inviting and that is light.

You can employ all sorts of neat design tricks to help change the look and feel of your home but there are not many ideas that are better than finding a way to bring in as much natural light into your home as possible.

It should go without saying that if you walk into a room that is dark and dingy it is going to feel decidedly uninviting. Open up your blinds and curtains and allow as much natural light as possible to flood into your space.

Increasing the amount of natural light that comes into your home will transform the way it feels to your guests and it is also worth remembering that increasing the amount of natural light in a room should make it feel more spacious too.

Try to arrange your room in a way that you make the most of any natural light you can draw in from outside. A design trick to help this happen would be to use a mirror on the wall to reflect the light that is coming in and increase the lux in the process.

What you will discover is that there is no specific design hack to use that makes all the difference to how inviting your home feels, but if you employ a combination of the design tricks mentioned they should all combine to create a cumulative effect where your home does feel more welcoming.

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