Is It a Good Idea to Get a Puppy/Dog When You Have Small Children?

To many people, dogs and kids just go together. Others are afraid the pet might harm the child. The answer is to choose the dog carefully and train it well. If the family has a dog before the babies start coming, the owners can opt for dog obedience training or train the dog themselves to prepare it for when the baby comes home.

Choosing the Dog

Choosing the age and breed of the dog carefully will also be important. If there is no dog in the home when a baby is born and brought home, the family might wait a few months before introducing a puppy or dog to the household. This gives mom time to get used to caring for a baby before she has to worry about dog obedience Training.

When the time has come to pick a dog, choose a dog that fits your home and family members’ needs. For instance, don’t get a shaggy, long-haired dog if someone in the family has allergies. Short-haired dogs that don’t shed much are good choices. Then, groom them daily. Wiping them with a dryer sheet daily will get rid of dander and loose hairs.

Choose a dog that needs the amount of exercise you are prepared to give. Large hunting type dogs need lots of exercise and space. If the family has small children, pick a mild-mannered dog breed that is more likely to be protective of children and forgiving of small children’s movements.

Mixed breed dogs are hardier and less prone to genetic diseases. It is a little harder to predict their adult size and personality, but worth the effort. Tiny dogs may not be a good choice for homes with small children.  Seeing-eye dogs who did not make the final cut or other dogs that were trained for one purpose but did not work out are worth considering because they already are trained.

Dog Training

For both existing and new dogs, it is a good idea to consider dog obedience training when introducing a baby or young child to the family mix. Dog training options start at one-day options, 6-day packages, and move to 2-week, 3-week, and 4-week packages. Each step up in the length of training adds more commands and learning.

The one-day training offers training collar and treat pouch with instructions, all day training, and added nightly homework for master and dog through e-mail. The trainer could gear the training to the new baby in the house scenario.

The longer training times do more training and offer the pet owner video updates on the dog’s progress and lessons to take home to educate yourself and all family members on the dog’s commands.

Getting Ready for a New Dog

Preparing for a new dog correctly can affect the success of the pet adventure. Before bringing a puppy or new dog home, prep the house and family for pet ownership. Get the kids to put away their things so belongings won’t be damaged by the dog. Consider baby gates to confine a new dog to a safe area. Purchase all the puppy or dog equipment in advance and have it set up and ready for the dog to settle into. Give the children some training and rules to follow for safety. Getting a puppy or dog for the family with small children can be a wonderful thing with the correct choice of a dog, preparation, and training.

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