About Me

My name is Jamie Knupp, and I fill the role of many.  I am a momma, a fiance, a step-mom, a student, a daughter, and a sister. 

Until August of 2013, I was a stay-at-home momma to my rotten but lovable almost-three-year old son, Sammy, (who has more energy than a chihuahua on Redbull), my sweet baby girl, Kaya, who was born this past April, and my 7-year-old stepdaughter, Lexi, who I am pretty sure missed her calling as a princess.

Now, they are in daycare (and school) while I pursue a college degree in psychology.  My biggest passion is writing, and I love to learn something new every day.  I've been that way since childhood, so when I became a mother it became apparent that I would have to learn how to be the best momma I could be.  That's where this blog comes in - I am happy to share my experiences, my lessons, and my mistakes as I become the parent my children need.

I have been engaged for three years, and know that a wedding is imminent, but haven't gotten to the actual details of planning said wedding.  My fiance, Matt, is a wonderful father and takes care of us like no other.  He is fantastic with a camera, and all of the great pictures you see on here probably came from him.

We live in a tiny town in North Carolina, where the mountains look like they're on fire when the leaves change. It's peaceful and low-key here and I love it, although the closest mall is two hours away.

I have fibromyalgia, panic disorder, and severe social phobia.  All of those things try to get in the way of me being a great mom, but I fight against them and do my best to shape our world into an amazing life.  Baby steps... One foot in front of the other until I can run into the world headfirst with all the knowledge and confidence that I need.

I hope you enjoy my journey!

I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but it'll get covered in the blog... eventually.